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The perfect summer drink

Refreshing, low in alcohol (5%), with a nice fizz, and completely circular. It’s not sparkling wine. Nor is it cider… Piquette is in a category of its own; a new product on the Dutch market. It’s your perfect aperitif or borrel-buddy, always down for spontaneous picnics, a day at the beach, or relaxing on a sunny terrace. Piquette is your new, favourite cool-down.

Chateau Amsterdam - Piquette

Piquette '20

Modern. Fizzy, fruity, refreshing & funny. Aromas of ripe red fruits. More tart than sweet.

Chateau Amsterdam - Piquette

Piquette '21

Gastronomic. An embrace of violet, jasmine flowers & wild red raspberries. Well balanced and creamy.

This is how we made our first piquette

When making wine, you are left with a residual product; pomace – the leftover skins, seeds and stems of the grapes. Normally the pomace would be considered a waste product but at Chateau Amsterdam we think this is an eternal shame because you can make the wine-making process more sustainable by making proper use of these residual flows. This is where piquette comes in. The residual product undergoes a second fermentation. In other words, a new process where alcohol is developed.

For the fermentation of our Piquette ’20, we added mineral water, sugar and yeast to the grape skins. The yeast cells eat the remaining sugars from the grape skins and the added sugars, converting them into alcohol. Carbon dioxide is also created during this process, which is why the piquette is nice and fizzy. Our Piquette ’21 was made differently, as we only used water and lots of love and attention to extract the flavours, alcohol and colour from the remaining pomace.

Chateau Amsterdam -

Piquette d'Amsterdam

With the brand Piquette d’Amsterdam, we produce our two types of piquette. One is accessible, and refreshing with flavours of ripe red fruits. The other is a bit more complex, gastronomic, and with a lighter flavour profile. Which one suits you best?

Shop our Piquette
Chateau Amsterdam - Piquette '20

FRUITY & INTENSE sparkling
2020 | 75 cl | €8.95

Chateau Amsterdam - Piquette '21

FRUITY & FRESH sparkling
2021 | 75 cl | €10.95

Chateau Amsterdam -

Enjoy your glass of piquette here

Next to our own (web)shop, you can also find Piquette d’Amsterdam at every Stach and in multiple cafes and restaurants in and around Amsterdam. Wondering where exactly you can get this sparkling drink? Check the map below or our Google Maps.

Piquette - your new favourite summer drink!

but strangely enough, it’s forbidden.

Chateau Amsterdam -

Huh, forbidden?!

European regulations stipulate that you’re not allowed to upcycle the residual product of wine into something tasty. Well, you can make piquette, but you’re not allowed to sell it (with the exception of sales between the winemaker and relatives). So, become part of our family and sign our petition to make piquette available to everyone.


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