The Netherlands’ first urban winery. Grapes from Europe, wine from Amsterdam. Produced by two generations since 2017. Workspace for creative businesses and a meeting space for external clients looking for an inspiring environment.

Harold Hamersma drank our 'Lucky Lucy'
 - Harold Hamersma drank our 'Lucky Lucy'
Combined with 'zoervleis'
Mister and Misses Hamersma join forces when it comes to preparing good food and combining that with awesome wines. This they prepared traditional 'zoervleis' and had a bottle of 'Lucky Lucy' with that!
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Persijn visited the winery
 - Persijn visited the winery
Perswijn visited the winery
Magda van der Rijst visited the winery for 'Persijn' to see what we were up to here in Amsterdam-Noord. Read all about her experiences and the interview with Tom during harvest season.
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The 2019 fermentation process has started!
 - The 2019 fermentation process has started!
Come over to take a look
On Saturdays from 12h to 19h we open our doors for visitors. Order a glass of wine or freshly pressed juice at the bar and get to experience how our wines are made from up close. Join us!
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