Chateau Amsterdam is a modern family company and the first urban winery in the Netherlands. By importing the best European organic grapes to our capital city, we can make the wines we would like to make close to the homes of many.

From Noord to the Pijp!
 - From Noord to the Pijp!
Kaasbar take over!
This Thursday we will celebrate the release of our 10 new wines with a take-over of  Kaasbar in the Pijp. Pairing our wine, with mind-blowing Dutch cheese. Four wines, paired with 4 plates of cheese for 29,50 p.p. Join us, you can reserve a spot on their website!
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Our newest wine is ready for you!
 - Our newest wine is ready for you!
The Modern Line
They are finally here, our newest line, the Modern line! Ten new wines: white, orange, and red. Each has an outspoken taste and a funky new look. They are eager to meet you, head on over to our webshop to get to know them.
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Discover our new line!
 - Discover our new line!
Order our tasting boxes!
This month we present our new wine. Ten ones: white, orange, and red. To help you discover our new wines, we developed 2 tasting boxes! Combined these two boxes are a (tasty) tool to find your new favorite, and give a unique preview of our new line!
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