Private Events
Private Events

The Options

From wine tasting to 4-course dinner.

In our unique urban winery we offer different option to create a magical experience.

Imagine yourself in the life of an urban winemaker; taste 5 diverse wines served with matching bites and learn about our philosophy of winemaking in the city. We’ll explain our complete process of turning grapes into wine. From farmers, to fermentation, to botteling and all in between.

Our kitchen team will provide you with a modern Italian menu (3- or 4-courses), which goes hand-in-hand with our celebrated Chateau Amsterdam wines. It is of course also possible to dine à la carte. Just take in consideration there will be a longer waiting time.

Is your group size bigger than 15? Download our brochure and read all possibilities for bigger groups and private events.

Do you have questions or would you like to get a quote? Email us and we’ll get back to you with a proposal and a tailor-made quote within three working days.

Are you with a group under 15 people? Then you can just book via our regular restaurant or urban wine tasting page.

Chateau Amsterdam -

See you in Noord!


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