Team Chateau Amsterdam

A group of pioneers, with roots in the south of our country, found their way to Amsterdam, just like our grapes. Some bound by blood, others bound by wine but all working together as one family using the same four company values:

  • Rush Slowly: be attentive, dare to make decisions, be patience
  • Be decisive with an open heart: be honest about your intentions and honest
  • Pioneering is improvising; Don’t be discouraged, but keep playing and dare to ask others to work together
  • Together we can do anything; being vulnerable is a strength and we design for more than 1 generation

Everyday at Chateau Amsterdam we reach to do better and work harder for a more sustainable world. We are deeply impressed by the Netflix documentary ‘Our Planet‘ and we are gratefully inspired by Sir David Attenborough for a more sustainable world.

Feel like you’ll fit in? 

Never a dull moment. Seriously not. As a quickly growing wine company we’re always wondering what we can offer you. Sometimes there’s a vacancy available, sometimes there isn’t – but please do not let this stop you from sending in your passionate motivation with us.

Chateau Amsterdam - Remy Harrewijn
Remy Harrewijn


Chateau Amsterdam - Tom Veugen
Tom Veugen


Chateau Amsterdam - Juan Ropero
Juan Ropero


Chateau Amsterdam - Didier Horstman
Didier Horstman

Production & Distribution Manager

Chateau Amsterdam - Predrag Cadan
Predrag Cadan

Cellar Manager

Chateau Amsterdam - Chateau Amsterdam Jos Harrewijn
Jos Harrewijn

Founding Winemaker

Chateau Amsterdam - Charles Barbillon
Charles Barbillon

Cellar hand

Chateau Amsterdam - Carlijn Drenth
Carlijn Drenth

Marketing Lead

Chateau Amsterdam - Hans Riege
Hans Riege

Hospitality Manager

Chateau Amsterdam - Charlotte Koning
Charlotte Koning

FinOps Lead

Chateau Amsterdam - Jarno van Bambost
Jarno van Bambost


Chateau Amsterdam - Charley Griffioen
Charley Griffioen

Customer Care & Back Office

Chateau Amsterdam - Annemijn Snel
Annemijn Snel

Junior Marketeer

Chateau Amsterdam - Teri Wheeler
Teri Wheeler

Tasting Room & Shop Manager

Chateau Amsterdam - Joey Baal
Joey Baal

Chef Kok

Chateau Amsterdam - Soraya Rodriguez
Soraya Rodriguez

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Chateau Amsterdam - Conor
Conor Kehoe

Bar Manager

Advisory Board

These people keep us on the right track.

Chateau Amsterdam - Jenny Elissen
Jenny Elissen

Impact investor

Chateau Amsterdam - Joris Snelten
Joris Snelten

Owner Delta Wines

Chateau Amsterdam - Gijs Kerbosch
Gijs Kerbosch

Owner of Halal Amsterdam and Berlijn

Chateau Amsterdam - Richard Bross
Richard Bross

Co-founder NoCeiling | Uncovering Skills

Chateau Amsterdam -

See you in Noord!


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