Is Chateau your castle too?

Our club of friends consists of a group of entrepreneurs and professionals who are familiar with Amsterdam, who live creatively and want to take society to the next level with their talents and energy.

To pioneer together is to make wine together

The Amsterdam Wine Investors Club was established to finance and support the Amsterdam Winery. Before founder Remy Harrewijn could produce his first vintage in 2017, 7 friends raised an initial amount of 55,000 euros. The first steel tanks, wooden barrels and grapes were bought using this amount. Since then, the ambitions of the Amsterdam Winery have grown and the friends decided to open the club to new members. We have expanded the club to 35 members during 2019 and raised 300.000 euro. Now we are expanding the club even more, and why not? It is much more fun to engage on an adventure with many. Together we are the first to make wine in Amsterdam: cheers! From Q4 2020 we will open the Club till we gain another 500.000 euros in rounds of 100.000 euro per quarter of a year. Are you interested in joining in one of these rounds? And curious about the advantages of early on-boarding? Get in contact.

 - Chateau Amsterdam Investorsclub
A club of one is not a club.

Let us introduce you

Our entrepreneurs and professionals who are familiar with Amsterdam,  have their hearts in the right place. They enjoy life, seek inspiration and want to inspire. Which is exactly why we like bringing them together from time to time,  and learn from their creativity, talents and energy to take society to the next level. This can be with a dinner or a wine trip to Italy, or sometimes in a smaller context when a problem needs solving.

Lenneke van Ingen: Founder of A Million Faces and Creative Connectors – talent development and casting.

Bianca Pander: Co-owner of BKB – campaign agency.

Jenny Elissen: Impact Investor associated with, among others, PYMWHYMYC, and supervisory director at BUNQ and Transavia.

Gijs Kerbosch: Founder of Halal Amsterdam – film and photography.

Alexander Schuil: Managing Partner at Novidam Capital Partners in New York.

Sjoerd Raaijmakers: Co-owner and director at Vice Benelux.

Joris Snelten: Owner Delta Wines.

Adriaan Nanninga: Banker at ABN AMRO New York.

Edial Dekker: Internet entrepreneur (incl. Gidsy) and future beer brewer.

Rolf Coppens: Founder GRRR, creative agency.

Daan Janssen-Roosenboom: Founder Chef du Web, online marketing.

Steijn Koeijvoets: Owner 3S Music and management of MY BABY and Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions

Arno Janssen: Offshore engineer and paraglider.

Marco Tiggelman: Marketeer and owner Bucket Wines.

Deni & Lisa Harrewijn: Offered help creating the vintages 2017 and 2018; also consultant at Comparex and teacher.

Marc den Hartog: Executive Vice President Innovation Platforms at Corbion.

Esmee Langereis: Wine Journalist and co-author of de Grote Hamersma.

Richard Burger: Founder of Swapfiets.

Dirk de Bruijn: Also founder of Swapfiets.

Cedric Muyres: Founder Snowstar Records and management of Kensington.

Sidney Vollmer: Advertising creative and writer.

Ewout Karel: Innovation manager at T-Mobile and founder of Innovation Warriors.

Ikaros van Duppen: General manager in Jazz and Buma Music in Motion; project manager at Buma Cultuur.

Dolf Reijnders and Bart Bongers: Founders of Flock Consultancy – organizational transformation.

Frank Kimenai: European cultural consultant with expertise in music.

Marcel Wiebenga: Music and advertising entrepreneur.

Lourens Hengst: Service manager at KEMBIT.

Birgitte van den Broek: Managing director at TeslinCS – fund services for alternative investment funds.

Max Schimmelpenninck: Also managing director at TeslinCS – fund services for alternative investment funds.

Johan ten Dolle: Advisor change management, technology and innovation.

Jeroen Tebbe: Creative strategist and founder of No House Wine.

Rob Stam: Once a city planner at the Amsterdam municipalities, now a wine enthusiast.

Paul Lindeboom: Freelance food and beverage source manager and vinologist to be.

Hugo de Haas van Dorsser: Copywriter and performance artist.

Mathilde Verdam: Postdoc researcher at het Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam and graduated vinologist.

Celine van Deest: Marketing manager at Beemster.

Bastiaan Kommers: Founder of DutZ collection.

Rick Nelsonberg: Co-founder of Oedipus.

Jeroen en Sascha Doucet: Chief at Ignition and innovation manager at Jaarbeurs.

Mark Schiefelbein: Metrics wizard, connected to several Dutch digital start-ups.

Thierry en Willemijn Westland: Founder of de Kaasbar and co-owner of Old Amsterdam and Maaslander.

Adam Dijkstra: Co-owner of winery Colonjes – Groesbeek.

Leonard van Buitenen: Horeca manager at Festival De Parade

Jos & Rita Harrewijn: Wine maker and co-founders of Chateau Amsterdam

Sidney de Koning: Founder & Allround creative of Culinerd.

Richard Bross: Co-owner of QBS-Group and NoCeiling.

Ronald Eleveld: Also co-owner of NoCeiling.

Henk Jan Beltman: Owner of Tony Chocolonely.

Eric Altman & Victoria Castro Cortes: director Food & Retail Corporate Finance ABN AMRO.

Yvonne Nassar: Marketing director Van Gogh Museum.

Jan Willem Dekker & Jacqueline Niesten: Owner of Brand Builders and founder of Sulfree.

Constant van Limburgh: Investor and entrepreneur.

Huyb Monsjou: Owner of Aerodynamics – private jets.

Patrick Albers: Senior sales consultant in wines.

Oscar Kusters: Independent protective administrator and wine lover.

Valentijn Borstlap: Founder of YourHosting and co-owner of Resello.

“The city winery has beautiful potential but also faces sustainability issues. The quantum creative approach will help Remy and his crew to solve these issues.”
Jenny Elissen - investor and author "From big ideas to giant leaps"
 - Chateau Amsterdam Investeerdersclub
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