Average amount €1.750
GOAL: €1,600,000.-
"Last chance: invest now, become a co-owner and tap into its return. Together we are transforming the wine world from rural to urban!"


Chateau Amsterdam's 2023 fundraising round is the last chance to become a co-owner in this fantastic wine adventure.

  • Invest from €248 and get early access to our annual parties, receive the Friends Pass, an invitation to our Fête des Amis, and have your name immortalized on the wall in our winery
  • With the Friends Pass, you always get a 10% discount on all wines (restaurant, store, and online) and 20% off wines for home consumption during our parties (from the store and online)
  • Starting from an investment of €1,000, you’ll receive a gift box of Chateau Amsterdam wine
  • And for investments of €1,500 and above, you’ll receive free shares and immediately earn returns on your investment (download the full incentive overview for all the extras)
  • Last but not least, you become a shareholder of Chateau Amsterdam and thereby a co-owner of one of the most innovative and fastest-growing wineries in Europe.
Chateau Amsterdam -
Chateau Amsterdam - Remy in the winery

Chateau est ses amis!

What started as a passion-project, started in 2019 as a company. That’s when Tom Veugen and I decided to increase our ambitions. In 2022 we built a professional winery with tasting room, restaurant, shop and courtyard. Our yellow building has become a phenomenon in Amsterdam-Noord and receives over 50.000 wine enthusiasts on a yearly basis.

You’ll find a part of these wine enthusiasts in our Investor Club. This Vriendenclub exists since 2019 (as a STAK) and is an important founding financial partner. The group consists of 400+ friends that have invested 5.000.000 euro. Ans we’re going to expand this group, because from today on you can invest too and become a co-owner of Chateau Amsterdam.

This is your last chance to become a shareholder in Chateau Amsterdam.
Our 2023 fundraising round is nearing its end!

The Investor Club of Chateau Amsterdam is a community; shared pride, your own brand, but also a smart investment with a good story.

All the best and I hope to meet you soon.

Remy Harrewijn – founder.

"Disruptors of the rather traditional wine world. Enthusiasts of pleasure. Experts in winemaking. The place to be in Amsterdam."

More information or questions?

Why is it a good idea to become a member of the 700 individuals who are part of the Chateau Amsterdam Investor Club? Great question! We have created a pitch deck that explains everything to you. It contains information about our goals, how we plan to use your invested money, what we have done in the past with raised capital, and the current situation of our company.

Would you like to know more about Chateau Amsterdam or are you looking for additional information about investing in our company? Please contact Carlijn. You’ll reach here through or call 020 895 0615. Do you have content-related questions about our investment platform? Please contact Bondex. You can do this through or by calling 020 240 4360.

Chateau Amsterdam -



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