Introducing our first ever: Pet Nat!

This bottle is the epitome of what it means to be an experimental young urban winery. A three-country-blend bottled mid-way through the fermentation process. The result is our Pretty Pet Nat – juicy young wine, with funky fruity flavors and an elegant light bubble. Served best icy cold, in the incoming summer sunshine! Proost.


Pet nat is short for the French ‘pétillant naturel‘ meaning ’natural sparkling’. Dating back to the 1500’s, Pet Nat is the oldest way of making sparkling wine. It is the result of a single, continuous fermentation. What this means is that the young wine is bottled while it is still fermenting. The fermentation continues inside the bottle; trapping CO2 in the under the cap. Resulting in a fruity, sweet young wine with a light bubble. 

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A work-of-wine-making-art

Each bottle of Pet Nat is a work-of-wine-making-art. Let us explain: as dedicated winemakers, we taste our wine on a daily basis. Not until we are 100% satisfied, the wine is bottled and corked. However, Pet Nat is bottled early, excluding the winemaker of the process. Therefore, each bottle contains its own tiny natural ecosystem, which is continuously changing. The sooner you drink the wine, the sweeter it is. Let the yeast consume the sugars longer, and you will end up with a very dry drink. In short: the end result is uncontrollable and a total surprise.


How to drink it:

Take a look at the fluid in the bottle. You probably see some residual sediment. That’s yeast. It’s perfectly drinkable and creates an intense taste. The best you can do is let the bottle cool while standing upright. The sediment will gradually settle at the bottom of the bottle. For a clean drink, try the first glass and for a more funky flavor, pour yourself the last.

  1. Buy it
  2. Let it cool, while standing upright
  3. Drink it (preferably when sunny)
 - <p>We only made 987 bottles - don't ask us why. Just be quick and get your: </p>

Only 987 bottles to go round

We only made 987 bottles - don't ask us why. Just be quick and get your:

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