The Winery is our holy grail. It’s a place where we share wine, share our thoughts, share our knowledge. A place where innovation meets business.

A place we want to share with you.

Can you smell it?

The process of wine-making requires a lot of patience. Waiting for the grapes to ferment in the oak or steel barrels and the tastes to mature. A big part of our winery is not in use during the waiting. A space we therefore share and use for different types of events, film screenings, and meetings.

If you’re looking for a one-time space to organize a creative meeting or a pitch to impress, then we might be just what you were looking for. In the past, we’ve had the honor to welcome in our Chateau: Accenture, Sonos, Dura Vermeer, Deutsche Telekom and Dutch Digital Agencies.

The winery is fully equipped with a premium cinema projector, a huge screen, and a decent sound system. We can host around 50 people while seated and around 30 in working position.

We offer:

A beautiful space from Monday till Friday

Pricing (for a maximum of 15 people)

€500,- ex. VAT per day-part (09:00 – 13:00 /  13:30 – 17:30)
€800,- ex. VAT for the whole day (two day-parts)
€750,- ex. VAT in the evening
€7,50,- ex. VAT coffee per day-part per person
€12,50,- ex VAT coffee per day per person
from €12,50 ex. VAT lunch per person

The price includes:

–  A welcoming host. Guiding soul during the day or helping hand during the preparations: curating catering, organizing facilities and give creative input
–  Use of the beamer
–  Soundsystem
–  Light
–  folding chairs

Want to organise your masterplan in the weekend? Or maybe throw a beautiful dinner to impress your 50 friends? Let us know and we will work together to make this happen in our home for you.

There are more possibilities for more intensive collaborations for weekly creative sessions or monthly community meet-ups. Contact us to discuss the options!


For more information, please contact us: