Coolest office in Amsterdam

In an old machine factory directly on the IJ, there is space for about 65 creative professionals in addition to the winery, which makes this place even more magical. We only rent to small companies, and there are just two rules: no walls, no logos. We can stay here until at least summer 2020, and probably a year longer. Until then, let’s party!

 - Chateau Amsterdam workspace
Chateau says hi to you and the summer of 2017.
New office space available!

We have a new space available for a company of 10 to 12 persons. It’s a nice space that’s located in a central area in the workspace. The room is built in a very playful way by using sea containers. This creates 2 floors and enough working space and privacy for meetings. Are you interested in this space? Contact Tom via or 0628914067 and come over to take a look around.

The workspace

The space is fitted out with semi-casco units – you provide the furniture. We know how many people fit per unit so we’ll match you with the appropriate one. The price per user is 320 euros per month excluding VAT, and including deposit and service costs such as cleaning and internet. If you hire an additional staff member and that person fits within your existing unit, you pay 130 euros extra per month excluding VAT. Tea and coffee are always available. You can reserve the winery free of charge for special meetings, or hold small get-togethers outside in the square to crack that difficult nut.

The companies currently based at Chateau include:

  • Hide and Seek
  • Armed Angels
  • Hoax Amsterdam
  • This Memento
  • Cinemien / Ticketing Group
  • Cities Foundations
  • Hagelswag

There are also a number of regular welcome guests such as the IoT department of T-Mobile.

 - Chateau Amsterdam, workspace, city winery
Chateau Amsterdam Workspace - Plein
 - chateau Amsterdam, urban winery, workspace
Chateau Workspace Workspace - Plein met keuken
 - Chateau Amsterdam workspace
Chateau Workspace Workspace - entrance