Meetings between the wine barrels

While the wine is being bred, the winery (150 m2) offers a serene space in the middle of the city where you can easily retire with one or several colleagues. A beautiful space for meetings, workshops and presentations, that also take place regularly. In the past we have received the following companies at chateau: Accenture, Sonos, Dura Vermeer, Deutsche Telekom and Dutch Digigtal Agencies

During the ripening of the wines, the Winery is also available for events. We have a premium film projector, an impressive screen and sound. The Winery can accommodate a group of maximum 50 people.


The Winery is a unique place that is available from Monday to Friday.

Below you can find the prices for the rent of the Winery up to 15 people

  • € 500, – ex. VAT per half day (09:00 – 13:00 / 13:30 – 17:30)
  • € 800, – ex. VAT per whole day (2 day parts)
  • € 750, – ex. VAT for evenings
  • € 7.50 ex. VAT coffee per half day per person
  • € 12.50 ex. VAT coffee per day per person
  • € 12.50 ex. VAT lunch per person

Are you interested in renting this unique space during the weekend? Are you looking for a space for the corporate event of the year or are you organizing a dinner to impress your friends? Let us know and we will work hard to make your event a success. The winery is your home and everyone is welcome.

We are also open to the more intensive collaborations, you are looking for a space for weekly sessions, monthly meetings. Please contact us.

The Winery is our sanctuary, a place where we share wine, knowledge and thoughts. Innovation comes here together with the business community and especially enjoys the special atmosphere.

 - Chateau Amsterdam
  • A host on location, the designated person who helps you with the preparation and further helps when necessary.
  • Use of the film projector
  • Sound system
  • Lightning
  • Folding chairs