Chateau Amsterdam - Urban wine tasting groups

Drinking wine makes you hungry

Order bites that go with the wines from €15 p.p. Or would you like to join for dinner in our restaurant? A 2-course dinner is already available from €35 p.p.

Chateau Amsterdam - Urban wine tasting groups

From grape to battle

Tickle your senses and learn how we make wine in the city. Taste 7 of our signature wines while overlooking our oak barrels and steel tanks.

Chateau Amsterdam - Urban wine tasting groups

Take home your favourite

Of course you'd like to re-taste the best wine of the evening. Afterwards you and your table mates take your favorite bottle home from €5,75 p.p.

Booking? This is how it works.

You’re enthused and would like to book (in the short term) with a group for our Urban Wine Tasting. Awesome, we’ll take care of it as follows:

  • Fill out the blue request form at the bottom of this page.
  • Optionally download the brochure and check out the different possibilities and their prices.
  • We’ll call you within 1 working day to get back on your request and think along to plan your unforgettable evening.
  • You’ll receive a quote that you confirm through e-mail and we’re done!
  • After the Urban Wine Tasting you’ll receive an invoice.
Download brochure
Chateau Amsterdam -

How large is your party?

Our Urban Wine Tastings are conducted in our wine bar. To guarantee your friends or colleagues an authentic, educational and above all unique experience it’s possible to do a request for a group up to 25 persons. Use the request form below to get in contact with us.

Are you a larger party of 25 or are you willing to visit us outside our opening hours (Thu / Sun)? Send an e-mail to We’ll get in touch.

"Such a great concept. I strongly recommend this Urban Wine Tasting. Great wines with a unique and interesting story and great staff. A recommendation for each wine lover. Beginner or advanced"
- Mireille S.
Chateau Amsterdam -

See you soon!


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