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Piquette '20

FRUITY & INTENSE sparkling
2020 | 75 cl

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Piquette literally finishes what we started, since it's made from the grape skins that are left after we make wine. A bubbly drink packed with natural flavours of red fruits. More mature and tart than sweet, and refreshing like a breeze.
Alcohol 5% | Chateau Amsterdam - Chateau Amsterdam - Pomace from all grapes.


The French do apéro, we do Piquette. Collect sun, a terrace or garden and some friends and let Piquette do the rest – this one is great to share with loved ones on a sunny day, share the love – share the summer!

Piquette d'Amsterdam
Chateau Amsterdam - Piquette '20
Chateau Amsterdam - Piquette '20
Product specifications

Vintage: 2020
Type: Fruity & intense sparkling
Grape: Pomace from all grapes
Vinification: Stainless steel
Alcohol percentage: 5%

How it was made:

After making wine, we mix the leftover grape skins with water and natural sugar and ferment it a second time. The result? A fresh and fruity light drink, with a bubble and low in alcohol.

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We make 3 lines of wine
Chateau Amsterdam -

Classical Fathers

Premiums wines

Our Fathers line is characterised by a classical approach and traditional methods. Here all wines are monocépages; each wine is made from just one specific grape variety, resulting in complex and character-driven wines with a true expression of each grape, always with that urban twist and signature that makes it a Chateau Amsterdam wine.

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Funky Sons

Modern wines

The world of wine is one of tradition – full of rules, dogmas and century-old etiquette. In our Sons-line, we choose to break with this. Our Sons-wines are allowed to surprise and are often manufactured with unconventional techniques. Here you will find our orange wines, wines made in amphorae, pet nats and other interesting winks.

Chateau Amsterdam -

Easygoing Grandsons

Accessible wines

Our Grandsons are easy and light-hearted European blends. Two different grapes from two different countries are mixed together in one and the same bottle. The blends are chosen together with our customers, head winemaker and partner farmers, to create new, exciting profiles with popular grapes that you can’t find anywhere else.

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