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Oogstfeest 2022

End of harvest is here and like every year that means it is time for the infamous Oogstfeest at Chateau Amsterdam. On Saturday November 19th and Sunday November 20th our chateau will be filled with good vibes, music, food and 25+ Amsterdam-made wines by the glass.

What to expect

– For the first time we’ll uncork and serve no less than 7 new premium Fathers wines, plus 3 specials. 

– An event in our chateau wouldn’t be complete without some of the highlights from our regular menu. And, we’re inviting some of our friends to contribute to a braderie dining experience at its best. 

– Good vibes, vinyl music and various acts. We know what’s needed to enjoy a good glass of wine.

– Both days we celebrate from 14:00 till 22:00

Tickets (€12,50 pp) include your own wine glass to take home, and the first drink is on us. Welcome to Chateau Amsterdam’s Oogstfeest – it’s time to CELEBRATE LIFE & POUR THE WINE!

Release of Fathers '21

Our classic Fathers wines are made from the best grapes the European continent has to offer. These wines are terroir-infused and a celebration of our farmers and that little piece of land that gifted us this harvest. They are brought up with attention and care but mostly: lots of patience. Find out their story during this year’s Oogstfeest.

Chateau Amsterdam -
Chateau Amsterdam -

End of harvest

Next to the release of the new vintage Fathers, we’re celebrating the finale of pressing more than 150.000 kilos of grapes, which now are turning slowly but surely from juices into our urban wines. So, next to getting a taste of our new Fathers wine, you will get the chance to get a sip of these freshly pressed juices, straight from the barrel.

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Chateau Amsterdam - 24092022_chateau_opening_3000x2000-10
Chateau Amsterdam - 24092022_chateau_opening_3000x2000-50
Chateau Amsterdam - 24092022_chateau_opening_3000x2000-19
Chateau Amsterdam - 24092022_chateau_opening_3000x2000-64


During this event you will likely see one or two of our colleagues taking photos. By buying a ticket, you acknowledge that you are aware and OK with this (i.e. that we take photos). Having said that, we want you to fully enjoy your experience with us, and you are of course always in your right to ask us to avoid taking photos of you. The same applies if you would like us to remove an already existing photo of you, please send an email to and we’ll take care of it.

Chateau Amsterdam -


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