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Who doesn’t love the idea of your own wine in a wooden barrel?

That perfect wine that is getting better and better over time. A wine that you and your friends, family or colleagues bottle and label yourselves and then get to experience that unique moment of a first celebration with your own wine. At Chateau Amsterdam, we know exactly what this feeling is about and would love to share it with you.  The adoption of one of our barrels gives you the unique opportunity to give away your personalized wine as a business gift. Or, how about giving a barrel of Amsterdam-made wine as a wedding gift to your best friend? A personal and original gift for every wine-lover.

Chateau Amsterdam -
How it works
  • Taste the different wines from the barrels in our winery together with our oenologist-winemaker;
  • Choose your favorite: take your pick from different varieties and countries like chardonnay from Germany, merlot from France or sangiovese from Italy.
  • These wines are of premium quality and belong to our top tier line (our Fathers wines).
  • Create your own label or we can make a version for you based on one of our existing labels.
  • Together with the winemaker you decide on the perfect moment for bottling; then you choose your team and prepare for a hard day’s work.
  • Once all wine is bottled, we invite you and your team to our restaurant for a well-deserved dinner with (of course) your own wine!
  • A barrel is about 225 litres, so around 270 bottles; which means you’ll need a large cellar or a big family ;)
  • You adopt a barrel starting from 6.000 euros incl VAT. Exact cost depends on the type of wine you choose. We ask you 80% in pre-payment upon signing the purchase agreement.


Want to discover more about our wines before you jump into this wine adventure? Take a look in our collection and learn about the Chateau Amsterdam wines.

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