We are proud and excited to invite you to this year’s Bottelfeest on Sunday the 26th of May to celebrate the bottling of our new batch of wines.

The 2018 vintage will just be bottled for you to be the firsts ones to enjoy. Here is an insight of the new wines:

-Nouveau Riche – Chardonnay (’18)
-The fat lady sings – Chardonnay (’17)
-Still waters run deep – Chardonnay (’18)
-Orange is the new white – Macabeo (’18)
-Serenade by dawn – Macabeo (’18)
-A flower’s salute – Pinot noir (’18)
-The fantastic Mr. Fox – Pinot noir (’18)
-Lucky lucy – Syrah (’18)
-The wild horse – Tempranillo (’18)

It’s will be an afternoon full of wine, music and good food. The Bottelfeest is also a unique occasion to discover the winery and the people behind the scenes. Bring along your children, family, friends, lovers, grandparents and taste our new wines! See you there!